e-records management1If you are looking to enhance your records management skills, please avoid charlatans who purport to have the skills yet all they have come across is a document management system which is just but a product.

It takes real fundamental understanding of the Records Management to make a significant change in the way records management in an organisation is implemented and operationalised.

Right from initiation of a records management program which must be backed up by a sound #Records #Management #policy (charter) to the understanding of the Records Life Cycle (within is a critical records management procedures and action points which bring out sound records management to fore).

Then there is the whole domain of archives administration which majority of people have no clue about. Grounding some of these issues before hopping up to take a Records Management course dangled to your organisation may just lead to waste of your money and time as those who get “trained” take home nothing. Beware!!

One more thing, avoid getting “trainers” whose presentation skills are so poor you have a problem getting what they are really saying. Remember, Power Point presentation can be a learning killer in the hands of unskilled trainer. Such trainers think dumping PPT slides and scrolling through them and they read along with you is training. Again, Beware.

Kenvision Techniks has been in the business of information management for more than a decade now and their trainers are Certified Records Managers (CRM). They have a wealth of skills both training and Real-world in Records Management. Attending one of their trainings will give you a rare opportunity you would never get from the buck-chasing consultancies that have no basis whatsoever in Records Management.

Avoid digitizing Chaos

Our trainings will give you more than a casual glance at Records Management but I deep knowledge that weaves records Management as a field with Knowledge Management, IT and #Web2.0 & 3.0

Avoid digitizing Chaos
Avoid digitizing Chaos

#Technologies. We take you to the trenches and get our hands dirty—- just to ensure that what we transfer into the digital realm is in order. We are aware that digitizing chaos is like crowning a hound. It doesn’t elevate him but makes people confuse him with the King!!! Never digitize chaos


Here is such a training: Join us in Mombasa and experience  knowledge, insight and to cap it, take home practical skills.