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Was Recordkeeping really our ORIGINAL idea? Some guys had actually started it!! the media is the only thing that has changed.

Did you know that recordkeeping is one of the oldest practices that man evolved from the moment he started storing (Explict) knowledge outside his brains (Tacit)?

Meet the cave man and before he even offers you some burger made from raw deer meat and fire-baked bush cereals and flavored with some fresh weed leaves. Just before you sit down on some huge boulder which he rolled into the cave with the help of five other men, you notice something on the wall of the cave. It is some drawing. Quite some pretty art which apparently seems to tell a story. Some of the finely chiseled drawings are those of some extinct animals and yet others depict some gallant cavemen soldiers doing what they knew best. Hunting.

Pause there!! why was it important for these guys to keep such knowledge? Was it to be bequeathed to those who came after or was it an idle pastime activity?

Fast forward to the present. This time you are inside a vessel floating in the space over

E-planes are now a reality. What a way to communicate.
E-planes are now a reality. What a way to communicate.

30,000 ft above the ground and seated next to you is a guy using an android device to get more information about his destination. He touches a few spots on the screen and “boom” a real-time map of his destination comes to life.

The two episodes seem to have a galactic time-difference and are seemingly distinct. However, examining closely, it should be possible to connect the two. One is just an improvement of the other. They both deal with information, its packaging, storage and access.


Which one do you practice as

  1. an individual?
  2. an organisation?