Have a problem and need a solution?
Have a problem and need a solution?

As organizations or individuals, we all require solutions to most of the challenges we face either in life or workplaces.

The workplace has many areas that deliver services or products that the organisation deal with. Even when the Human Resources are up to the task, the organisation may find it quite difficult to put teams together in order to deliver the services or products within the time required especially when the requirement is in a capsule.

Kenvision has identified some of the areas where our expertise can come in handy. The following are some of the areas:


  • Records /Information Management Audit
  • Information Policy Management Formulation
  • Records Management Policy Formulation


  • CCTV Installation
  • Access Control Installation
  • Intruder Alarm Installation
  • Electric Fencing


  • Strategic Management Development
  • Team Building
  • Applications / System Development
  • Managing Anger: Personalized or group therapy
  • Managing Stress: Personalized or group therapy